Woman Gets All Slashy Over Forgotten Birthday

Georgia Zowacki

Georgia Zowacki

A Pennsylvania woman in her mid-fifties is locked up for being a big baby. Cops say that 55 year old Georgia Zowacki recently celebrated a birthday, when things in her home got all stabby. David Rae whom lives with Georgia, told cops that she had been drinking a lot of vodka throughout the day, and became extremely violent because nobody got her a gift, cake, or card. At some point, she grabbed a box cutter, and held it to the man's throat threatening to kill him. He managed to shove the woman away, but says she kept coming back waving the box cutter at him. After cutting the man several times during the argument, she then trashed his room, throwing the TV on the floor, tipping over the nightstand, and breaking his bed. When the cops showed up at 3pm, they found the woman sitting on the neighbors porch where she was picked up on several charges. Read The Full Story Here

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