Woman Charged With Torturing Incapacitated Man

Jennifer Johnson

Jennifer Johnson

In a small town outside of Tuscaloosa, a woman is now in jail for being a disgusting human being. You see, Jennifer here who told the cops she was a prostitute, was popped for being in possession of a stolen Honda back in May. Well, while she was in lock up, they went through her phone and found video of her sexually assaulting an incapacitated man. They found several videos showing her penetrate a man's anus with a dildo, all while laughing and joking through it all. They say the man was gagged, bound with duct tape, and under the influence of GHB or the date rape drug. She's originally in on a $20,000 bond but now it's been upped to $80,000 since they found the videos. Read The Full Story Here

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