Jesus Arrested For Pelting Girlfriend With Sweet n Sour Sauce

Jesus Ferrer Jr.

Jesus Ferrer Jr.

Jesus wasn't being very Christian like. In Florida, Jesus Ferrer Jr. got into a squabble with his girlfriend over the fact he thought she had gotten him the wrong food from McDonald's. According to reports, they were staying in a motel outside of Tampa when the two started arguing over the food. That's when he started pelting the woman with sweet n sour packets. At one point he pinned her to the ground, prompting her to rip off part of his beard. That's when he let he up, and he took off before the cops got there. They eventually found him, and picked him up on felony battery charges since he was convicted in April for beating up the same girl in a different hotel room. Oh....he also did it a year ago, but that case was dropped. Read The Full Story Here

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