Corrections Officer Used Burrito To Smuggle Drugs Into Prison

Trevor Martineau

Trevor Martineau

Officials at the Buena Vista Correctional Facility got word from three inmates that one of their own was smuggling drugs into the prison. So, they confront Trevor Martineau to see if what was heard was true. He confessed to having narcotics in his lunch box. When the investigators opened his box, they found a burrito inside with a plastic bag sticking out of one end. Inside the plastic bag they found 91 grams of meth, 26 grams of heroin, marijuana wax, 46 strips of Suboxone, and 6 thumb drives. Trevor told investigators that he was paid $1,000 for picking up the drugs. They don't say who paid him, or who was supposed to get the package, but Trevor here is now out of a job, and facing multiple felony charges for smuggling. Read The Full Story Here

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