News Quickies Headlines 7-12-19

Hikers Call Cops After Mistaking Traffic Sounds For Wild Pig Chasing Them

Hearse Driver Tries To Use Carpool Lane With Deceased Passenger

Man Goes Under Knife To Turn Himself Into Real-Life ‘Parrotman’

Giant cactus pierces car windshield on Arizona highway, driver miraculously unhurt

Mom caught cruising with 2 kids riding in an inflatable pool on top of her car

Shop gives out very embarrassing plastic bags to 'shame' customers who use them

Mom orders baby's first birthday guests to abstain from sex

Man Steps on People's Pizzas While Walking On Tables and the Customers Fight Him

Woman Stabs Husband During Kung Fu Sex Games

Car bursts into flames during gender reveal joyride fail

Exotic Looking Bird Turns Out To Be Seagull Covered In Curry Powder

Woman Finds Her Missing Husband In Tik-Tok Video

A Woman Has a Heart Attack While "Overdoing It" at a Swinger Festival

A popular herbal supplement is linked to serious side effects, deaths

Venomous cobra found inside man's bedroom fan

Michigan police seize alligators from barbershop

Woman recorded girl licking, returning dental tongue depressor

Captain America Fan Goes All Thor On Two Victims

Man Finds Doorknob In Nachos

Melania Trump Statue Looks Like Cross Between Scarecrow & Smurfette

Family Orders Moana Cake, Gets Marijuana Cake Instead

32 Pounds Of Rat Meat Seized At O'Hare Airport

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