Blowing A Hair Dryer Up Your Nose Won't Kill Coronavirus

Bryant Culpepper

Bryant Culpepper

Okeechobee County Commissioner Bryant Culpepper is having to retract a statement he made regarding the rona. He said in an emergency session this past Friday, that he had saw a video online claiming the nasal passages are cool but if you heat them up enough, the virus just falls apart and disintegrates. The theory is that "you hold the blow dryer in front of your face and inhale with your nose, and it kills the virus in your nose". He went on to say "That sound like a simplified way of doing things, but sometimes the cures for some diseases are very simple". An administrator for the Florida Department Of Heath was there at the meeting and was quick to discredit the commissioner. Mr. Culpepper has taken to social media to apologize saying, " I am heartfully sorry for comments I made on social media. I was only trying to give comfort to those in Okeechobee who have no insurance to treat there family members. I should have ignored the the comments I perceived as hateful, and the embarrassment I caused to my fellow Commissioners and our Administrator". The WHO has said that hand dryers cannot kill the new coronavirus and that it can still be transmitted in hot and humid climates.

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