Man Shoots Lifelong Friend Who Came At Him With A Pitchfork

I thought we were friends.... Last Friday a man was at home with his wife and roommate when things took a turn for the worse. The 34 year old shooter called 9-1-1 saying "my roommate attacked me with a pitchfork and I had to shoot him." According to reports, the two men were outside of their home when the friend pointed a pitchfork at the man in a threatening manner. The man, armed with a handgun, told his friend to put it down, and he did. The gunman said that his friend then came at aggressively, so he fired his gun at him. the shooter then went on to tell dispatchers that they have been friends since the second grade while trying to help the victim. The man died on the scene and it is still unclear as to why the man was carrying a pitchfork.