Mysterious Squirrel Attacks On The Rise In NYC

When animals attack.....Queens edition. In one particular Queens neighborhood the squirrels run rampant. One family said that these squirrels have been randomly attacking people. They say that attacking can be anything from jumping on people, scratching them, even biting them aggressively. One resident was attacked so badly they were left bloodied by the rodent. One woman who was attacked in late December said that the squirrel didn't care, it just wanted wanted blood. She went on to say that for a few days afterwards, she would come out with a shovel just in case. It's not clear as to why they are attacking, but the state health department says that squirrels are rarely found to carry rabies, and that anyone that gets bitten should go to their doctor and report it to the departments Animal Bite Unit. They suggest to refrain from feeding them and to keep your distance when they are in view.