Doctor's Warn Against Using Erection Cream As Lipstick

Along with eating tide pods, setting yourself on fire and snorting condoms we have a BRAND NEW TIKTOK CHALLENGE; Smearing erection cream on your lips to make them look fuller. A TikTok video which has had more than 3.5million views shows user Jerry Mal trying out the very unusual beauty hack. In the clip Jerry smears his lips with erection cream in a bid for a puffed-up pout. He says: "Basically, I saw a movie where a girl put erection cream all over her lips and it made them really big, so now I'm going to try it. I forgot what film it was." As he applies the cream he explains the sensation he feels, saying: "It kind of tingles. It's not terrible, but we'll see." After a few minutes his lips begin to start stinging and he has to remove the cream. But still states, THEY LOOK BIGGER. Doctors statement regarding the video: "I don't know exactly which cream is being used in the video, but all erection creams work by using vasodilation, which increases blood flow to an area. "Increased blood flow will lead to swelling of the area, and this lasts for about an hour. All the benefits of plumping will be completely temporary. "These creams were not made to be ingested or consumed by mouth and it's probably not safe to be consumed."