Woman Stabs Husband After Finding Sexy Pics

Bitches be trippin'!!!! In Mexico, a woman only identified as Leonora saw some sexy pictures on her old man's phone and flipped out....naturally. The pictures showed her man having sex with a much younger and slimmer woman, so she went to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, and stabbed the man multiple times before the man could explain himself. The thing is...the woman in the pictures was her....years, years ago...while they were still dating. The husband sustained multiple injuries but survived and was able to disarm his old lady. Once he calmed her down, he explained the situation, telling her that he found the old pics in an email exchange from the two years ago, so he decided to save them to his phone. After taking a closer look, she realized that was indeed her, but the neighbors had already called the cops. Now she's locked up for domestic.