New B.A.C Record Recorded In Oregon

Oregon is a new record holder, but not for anything good. According to reports, this past Friday a man got into a short car chase with police and wrecked his ride, after he had already been in a bit of a hit n run. When police got the report of the hit n run, they spotted the man driving and attempted to pull him over, but he took off. They caught up with the man when he lost control of the car and smashed into a concrete barrier. That's when they took him to the hospital for treatment, and after taking some blood, they found the man's B.A.C. was .778, which is nine times over the legal limit. The man who was driving under suspension for a previous DUI offense was arrested on multiple charges. The previous B.A.C. records come from yet another Oregonian where she blew a .72 back in 2007.