Party Predator Assaulted Man

According to reports, there's a girl in Iowa that shares an apartment with a guy named Kyle Ahrens and a few others. They were having a party one night when the girl's boyfriend from Illinois came to hangout. The victim here told police that he had too much to drink and that his girlfriend took him to a bedroom so he could sleep, and that he recalls his girlfriend staying with him until he fell asleep. He says his next memory was his pants being pulled down and someone starting to perform oral sex on him. He said that he kept his eyes closed because he thought it was his girlfriend doing the deed, so he let it happen. After that, he heard the bedroom door open and saw what he thought was a flash from a cellphone camera from a bearded man who was backing out of the room. When he finally woke up the next morning, he told his girlfriend about it, and she said that she was NOT the one giving him a mouth hug, and the description matched the roommate Kyle. Kyle initially denied having any sexual contact with the victim and that there was no reason that his DNA would be on the victim or his clothing. Tests came back and determined that was a lie.