Argument Over TV Remote Ends With Stabbing

Nobody likes a hog!!! Police in Florida were responding to a call about a stabbing when they found the victim outside of the apartment where the stabbing took place. According to reports, 54 year old Christopher Glynn was in his apartment with a friend drinking, when the friend got upset because Chris kept hogging the remote. During the argument, Chris went and grabbed a sword and stabbed the man in the arm and leg. Suffering non life threatening wounds, police called medics to help the man and made contact with Chris via a landline. He told cops that he couldn't come down because of his disability, so officers went upstairs to get him, and that's where they found him on the couch with his sword and wooden scabbard next to him. Chris admitted to stabbing the man and told cops if he had better aim, he would've gutted him. Police took him in for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.